The Creative Reset

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Anyone else out there in their 30's still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life? And after having kids, or jumped careers a few times, you realize, "this might actually be my thing?"

When I bought Gnar Hammocks in November of 2017, I was running a digital marketing company that ultimately failed miserably. But during those years of running an agency, I learned there are two specific passions in my life that I want to pursue:

  1. Being creative through photography, videography, and graphic design
  2. Running my own business

Recognizing these two passions has helped me to know where I want to take Gnar. Between the culture and desire to give back to other communities that support these passions, I have decided to own the creative side of Gnar myself.

Therefore, moving forward, all of the designs of our shirts and apparel will be either from myself or graphic designers I have personally collaborated with. We will also begin donating a portion of our profits into artists groups across the US that are making a difference in their communities.

I believe that disconnecting and finding inspiration while in the outdoors can go a long way for someone's creative nature. And positioning Gnar to do so moving forward will be my main goal.


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